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Today's observation

Postby Kestral » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:41 pm

Today I loaded a 300 lb copy machine in the back of my Pathy (with help) and went on my way to deliver it. As I pulled away my doors locked normal for my R51. What was not normal was every time I came to a stop and pulled away "click!" The doors would lock again! Stop light "click!" Stop sign "click!" All the way to my destination. My first thought was it is quite cold out here in Western MA today so maybe the cold has some of the electronics confused?? I had no doors open sign posted on the dash? So I pull over shut the truck off and check the back door looks shut?... Or is it!? Nope it was open or sort of the back door was half latched it would move just a little if I pushed on it but would not just open if I pulled on it? Sort of a safety half shut sort of thing? So I pushed the open button opened it up and shut it hard and that was it problem solved... Interesting

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