CSF aluminum radiator from Stillen does not fit in V8

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CSF aluminum radiator from Stillen does not fit in V8

Postby McMac » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:00 am

After researching radiators, I decided to pull the trigger on the $349 all aluminum one. First was that even though the Stillen website says free shipping, my invoice had a $30 shipping charge. When I called to cancel the order, they waived the shipping charge. I now wish I had canceled it. The radiator is not the same size as the OEM so the radiator sticks down below where it should and the V8 skid plate won't fit back up in there. When I went to Stillen I was passed from Stillen management back to the original sales rep (the one who said it would fit perfectly) and was told the only way I was getting my money back was if I went to CSF. CSF told me Stillen knew it wouldn't fit and therefore it's their problem. I'm out about $750 for the part, installation, coolant and tax.

Also, the Nissan cooling system is pressurized at the overflow bottle not the radiator cap. The OEM cap on the Nissan radiator is not a pressure cap. The OEM radiator cap will NOT fit on the Stillen/CSF radiator. The Stillen/CSF radiator comes with it's own pressure cap so the system would have 2 pressure caps. I don't know if it makes any difference, but it must have been designed that way for a reason.

From the Stillen website- “CSF radiators are engineered to the highest specifications. Each radiator fits exactly the same as the original manufacturer part which means there is no need to move fittings, drill additional holes, or stretch hoses to get them to fit properly. Drop it in, bolt it down, and hook it up with no unpleasant surprises!”

UPDATE- Stillen is supposed to be refunding me the price of the radiator after they receive it back. I was supposed to receive a shipping label, but haven't yet, so we'll see.

UPDATE- Stillen did refund the cost of the the radiator after it was shipped back to them. I'm out the cost of the dealership install. As of this morning, Stillen has not changed their website to show that this CSF radiator does not fit in the V8's.

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