URGENT! no RWD or brakes?

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URGENT! no RWD or brakes?

Postby big64 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:53 pm

year: 1998
um just get home and my mother said she refilled the brake fluid...insted she pored the fluid into the thing infront of blake fluid fill up (more towards front of suv) instead of the 1 with the yellow cap(is were supposed to fill right?) i dono if that messed with brakes?? but when i got home i filled brake fluid up with correct fluid in right fill up (yellow cap)
And as far as no RWD in idle it runs perfect/normal, moves like it should but when i put on a little gas i can hear something spinning back there but tires stay still..Any help please??? REALLY NEED FAST REPLY ASAP!

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