My experience upgrading to Halos

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My experience upgrading to Halos

Postby TooTallMike » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:54 am

I'll try to make this as brief as possible....

Had the factory headlights that loved to haze up no matter how many different kits I used to make them clear. I then installed HIDs into the same housings using a kensun bi-xenon 6000k kit off Amazon that served me well compared to factory lights for about 3 years. I was able to aim them pretty well and keep them out of oncoming drivers eyes. However it just didn't seem to maximize the "usable" light. After doing some research through this forum and reviews online I tried to narrow my options to use the HID's to it's maximum potential. I was discouraged after reading everything from condensation on new assemblies, can't wire it properly, not compatible, no instructions on how to install or wire, can't upgrade to HIDs, to just plain won't work.

Fast forward to last month I'm driving around the desert in so cal and damn near drive into a canal I wasn't able to see until the last minute. That's it I'm changing lights.

I decided to take a chance on some off Amazon and at sub 200$ I figured I'd at the very least learn some electrical stuff maybe. Keep in mind when it comes to my knowledge on electrical things I'm like a 4 year old trying to paint the Mona Lisa in crayon with my left foot. I know Jack about it.

Soon enough they show up pretty well packaged with zero instructions.

Welp here goes nothing.

I get the factory lights off no problem... 4 10mm bolts each and they come right off after you take off the front bumper and grill.

You have to splice the inverters for the Halo lights into the DTRL portion of the harness. With some properly sized quick connects it's easy as pie.
Once you hook up make sure all the lights are working before bolting the assemblies back.

Got mine all hooked up and boom, the driver side inverter took a dump. Bummer.. so I contacted the seller and they apologized and shipped me two brand new ones asap

Keep in mind these same inverters are going for 80$+ on eBay.
I also messed up a pin for the flasher and they sent me a new one too.
They worked perfectly and look great.

Now for making them HID's

You now have two separate bulbs in the headlights

They are H1 for High beam
And H3 for low beam

For the low beams use H3C HID bulbs so that the longer h3 bulbs won't change the angle inside the housing. The "C" is for Compact

You only need ballasts for each set so you will have a total of 4 ballasts to run HIDs for high and low beams.

You can just hook it up on the back and squish the wires
Or do what I did and ran a circle saw the same diameter as the grommets for the HIDs to keep it sealed

Make sure to put a little bit of silicone to make sure you have a good seal.

I now love my lights and it's definitely modernized my pathy.

Also this is for the 05-07 people and I'm sorry if I've offended the 08+ people 😂

I'll post some links to the lights I used and try to get pictures up asap as I am terrible with adding pictures too

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Postby smj999smj » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:40 am

Thanks for the info and part links. Lately, I've been using Imgur for posting pics and I like it a lot, plus it's free. I had Photobucket for a long time but it was full of ads, slow loading and now they want to charge for the service.

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Postby mpilihp » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:03 am

Hi TooTallMike quick question for you, since the housing takes standard bulbs, (H1 and H3) do you think it would accept LED bulbs as well?

How are you liking the headlight housings so far, No leaks yet?


~ Phil

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