Rattling Sound

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Rattling Sound

Postby legman22 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:52 pm

I have a small problem (hopefully) that perhaps someone else has experienced. I have a 2003 Pathy Chilcoot. When I press down on the throttle from a standing start or at low speed, when it reaches a certain point, I hear a rattling sound (almost like a baby's rattle) that seems to be coming from the front end. When I pull back or increase the throttle, it goes away. I'm wondering if this might be something serious or as simple as some loose connection...I'm stumped.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks


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Postby ItsMeBraulio » Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:30 pm

The Same thing has been happening on my 05 path, after taking it to the dealer a couple of times they could not tell me what was wrong with the car. This weekend i took my family on a little road trip and it made noise the whole time. It was time to do an oil change and i took a little time to try and figure out what it was that was making that noise. I notice the the tail pipe was hitting the underbody were it looped over the rear end that's where the noise from my car is comming from. Turn on your car and go ahead and raise the pipe up on your car and see if it does the same thing.. be careful not to get burned if you have a drive way or a crib try to park your car to were the back is sagging this is the key to why it makes the noise

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