'97 Transmission issue- reverse gear issue

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'97 Transmission issue- reverse gear issue

Postby eminence55 » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:17 pm

Hey everyone,

I am the new owner of a used 1997 Patfinder. I really like it with one issue.
I have been surfing the internet looking what is wrong with my auto tranny. I would say over 95% of the time it is fine( although I had test driven a '98 pathfinder that did it about 50% of the time before I purchased mine).

What happens is sometimes when going into reverse it doesn't engage fully. Vehicle will move slightly if on level road but tranny feels like you are "riding the clutch" if was an manual. Most of the time it will fully engage after a second after partially engaging, and it is feels like you are neutral dropping it into reverse. But once I was trying to back into my driveway (slightly inclined) from the level city road. It bearly got over the curb. I put it in in Drive and then back to Reverse and it was good again.

I believe it might be the Line Pressure Solenoid (and or the other solonoids on the tranny). Can anyone confirm my assumption.

Tranny fluid is nice pink color, and doesn't smell. Also it is on full mark. All the forward gears seem fine. Just reverse doesn't engage properly the odd time.

If it is the solenoids, where is the best place to get them. I the whole solenoid assembly on Ebay for about $150can plus $60 shipping.

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