Blacked out headlights


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Postby GOTGOO » Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:40 pm

VenezuelanPath wrote:
I did this once to my old Mazda protege and i had to place my headlight in the oven for a bit to get the seal to melt enough for me to take it apart. I sanded around the lens and then painted it black. To put it all back together i placed it back in the oven to get the sealant to once again melt enough to get the good seal again.

How did you do this for the Path? what did you have to do with the seal?

I put a damp towel on a cookie sheet put the headlight on it baked for about 11min at 250* and just pryed around the clips till there was enough to grab and pull it off. you also have to take 4 screws and the rubber seal for the light out of the back before you bake. When i put it back together i left all the sealer on both sides pushed them together then baked again.... after that you can push it the rest of the way down and put the screws in while its still gooey. Try not to distort anything when its all hot.
If we open the headlight sealed compartment, is that going yo make it less water proof?? I do a lot of off-road driving (water up the hood) so I already have some fog inside of them, but im scared that by opening them, they would loose the waterproofness.

Is there a silicone or some sort of seal glue the handles the heat???
I figured since i didnt remove any i would be ok not to add any... I've been off roading since i did this and so far so good.. There is a little vent hole on the back and that rubber seal around the bulb just pops off so IMO the lights were never water proof. You can buy some black or clear silicone and add it to the other stuff after all it couldnt hurt.
Another pic!

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