looking to buy!!

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looking to buy!!

Postby zrheard » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:28 pm

im looking to buy a 96+ pathfinder and wondering what yall can tell me about hte vehicles
things to look out for?
things that are nice to have (like do any of them have a 4wd full time option?) or are they just 2wd 4x4hi and 4x4 lo

what kind of MPG can i expect?
i hope to put the largest tires i can fit w/o a lift
a winch (does anyone besides ARB make a full bumper?) i will probably just go with a brush guard b/c of weight though i want it to be as fuel efficient as possible and i wont be doing any real offroading with it just need to make sure if a dirt trail finds itself infront of me i can make it in (and more importantly out and back home)
are they pretty reliable? or will i be working on this thing constantly?

will they go 200k miles? 300k? whats the life expectancy? are they comfortable to drive long distances? i hope to get my BA in may of 11 and id like to take a VEEEEERY long road trip after graduation and want something i can sleep in and depend on to get me and not leave me stranded in the desert (yea i want to go west)
anything yall can tell me about the vehicle im here to learn as much as possible

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i just bought a 97 pathfinder

Postby NissanPartsGuy » Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:51 pm

Noticed exhaust leak by muffler. Rear suspension problems, too much wobble in rear at speeds of 40+ which is a common problem but the remedy is cheap enough to overlook. The one i bought has 143,000 miles, owner asked 2700, negotiated to 2300. I feel pretty good about the purchase as the interior and exterior are nearly flawless. It is a MT and had alot more power than i expected, even at mile high denver altitude. I dont expect more than 18mpg. We have a first gen pathfinder in our showroom with 430,000+ miles on it, so they are durable. I will post any other problems I find as time goes on.

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