97 Path SE clutch problem; load sensing valve solenoid

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97 Path SE clutch problem; load sensing valve solenoid

Postby piste » Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:36 pm

Have a chronic clutch hydraulic leak...more on that in a bit...dealer diagnosed today as leaking "load balancing solenoid". Claims its in the rear of the vehicle and pertains to both brake and clutch hydraulic systems. Looking in the shop manual when I got home tells me there is no such part involved in the clutch hydraulics...and closest thing is a "load sensing valve" that pertains only to brake hydraulics. Plan to call them in the morning and call BS on the diagnosis...am I right?

More details....replaced clutch in 2007..2 months later lost clutch pressure....replaced master and slave...4 months later lost clutch pressure...dealer bled it out and was fine through summer...next winter first long trip....lost clutch pressure...dealer bled system and was fine...til this past weekend...first long trip...lost clutch pressure. Today they came back with above. BS?

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