Suspension - what to buy or have available before trying...

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Suspension - what to buy or have available before trying...

Postby CoGraW » Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:03 am

Hey everyone!
I saw a post on the cost of replacing suspension parts, but I didn't see anything on what to have handy when you do it. I went ahead and started a new thread, I really want to talk about all parts of suspension repair. Specifically:

What equipment is necessary to replace the shocks and struts, etc? -but wait there is another part. By equipment I mean jacks, lifts, etc. (Whatever suspends the car while I take the shocks out.)

What kind of Shop equipment does everyone have for suspension repair. I would like to survey this group because your PFs are just like mine!

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Postby fleurys » Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:23 am

a must is to get yourself a fsm (factory shop manual). It will detail all the procedure to change anything on your truck. It comes in a pdf format and it is available if you search for it abit..keywords : "pathfinder fsm <year>"

Now to answer you, you will need a way to lift your pathfinder high enough on the front so that your wheels do not touch the floor. You can use your rotary lift that comes with your pathfiner if you do not have an hydraulic one. Then you will need some floor jack that you put under the sub frame so you can start to work.

To remove the strut, you will need either an air impact gun or an electric one. There is no way you are removing these nuts by hand... If you buy your new struts with the coil already installed, then a standard ratchet set is all that is needed. If you plan on installing the coils yourself, then you will need a coil compressor...

but, really, get yourself the fsm first and read the whole procedure...


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Postby CoGraW » Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:08 pm

Merci Fleurys!
I actually already have the manual. That is what motivated me to get online! The factory service manual doesn't talk about what kind of equipment needs to be available, for example it won't say, "you need a twenty ton press" or "be sure that you lift the car up on xyz rated at least for 8000 pounds" It also doesn't include common sense stuff.

Does anyone recommend a twenty ton press and not a twelve ton press?

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