What to do?

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1999.5 Niss Pat
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What to do?

Postby 1999.5 Niss Pat » Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:17 pm

I have a 1999.5 Nissan Pathfinder 2WD. I bought it with 69k miles; it currently has 221k. The only things I have really done to my SUV is changed oil/filters, tires (and rotation), battery (2-3 times) and had to replace the transmission. The new transmission was put in w/ about 30k miles (now at about 60-65k).

Dont get me wrong, the car is in great shape and I drive it daily, but I am having thoughts on spending $$$ and getting it where it needs to be or buy a newer Pathfinder or Frontier.

The thing is I am no mechanic so I am going to have to hire everything out. First, the passenger headlight has a bad connection or something. Both bulbs were replaced about 6 months ago. You can bang on the headlight and eventually it comes on. Next, is something under the hood. After driving it just down the street for a mile, it smells like somethings burning, but no smoke and I cant tell where it is coming from (remember I am not a mechanic). I think it has something to do with a battery cable but not sure. Other than a paint job on the front bumper, timing belt, and possible spark plugs changed....thats all really needs to fixed...I guess some shocks and breaks/rotars too. Am I missing something as far as maintenance work?

The thing is I really have a feeling that if I start messing with the car its going to be a headache. Once I replace one thing, its going another and then another. So what do you recommend...Get it fixed and drive it for another 100k miles or go for something new?

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Postby 180sx » Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:29 am

Get it fixed!

Do these things:

1. Replace light buld. This happened to me after I just replaced it. Just a filament came loose.

2. Timing belt and water pump. Might as well change the WP while your in there. And the thermostat too. And Rad cap is probably going bad.

3. valve cover gaskets. They're probably hard as rocks, and probably leaking oil on your exhaust, causing the smell. I know, mine did this.

4. If your pathy isn't swaying side to side yet, skip this until it does. The rear lower control arm bushings should be replaced. This is the cause of the swaying.

5. Replace transmission and differential fluids.

6. Get a 2" AC lift. Why? Just because.

Anything else you want to know?


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