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Postby AZ_Path » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:42 pm

pawjr74 wrote: What dealership are you using? (I go to Earnhardt Nissan. I went to Power Nissan one time and left without leaving the car there...I wasn't impressed by them at all.)
This was my first trip to Earnhardt. I went to Power previously and they were nice, but the quality of the work was not very good.

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Postby rlh2005 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:45 pm

AZ_Path wrote:Well I went to the dealer, but didn't get much help as far as the TSB's go.....
I have a good friend that is the service manager at a MOPAR dealer. Based on things he's said to me on unrelated matters, you should talk to the service manager at the dealership. If that doesn't help, then Nissan USA.

As described, the service writer was not interested in making money for the dealership, his service techs, or himself. Admittedly, the TSB potentially cuts down the time spent troubleshooting and/or investigating but to blindly tell the customer that it's not a problem or they aren't interested in fixing it isn't smart.

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Postby pawjr74 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:56 pm

AZ_Path wrote:
myriad46 wrote:I didn't say you were that kind of customer, but that's what the dealership sees. They reacted just like I said they would. Shopping around for a different service writer won't matter. I appreciate you helping me illustrate my point, though.
So are the TSB's not supposed to be viewed by the public? If that's the case, then their reaction makes more sense, but if not then it's just arrogance.

A different service writer has made some difference already. The service writer I originally had an appointment with was busy when I showed up so an available person took my information. That person was the one I described above. The writer who I had the appointment with later called me and said they would order a part and take care of the issue so he has been better so far.
The TSB's are more of an internal document for the dealers to use. They really aren't there for the public. I think with the internet things tend to leak out.

Instead of saying you know about the TSB I would just try to describe they symptoms and hopefully they are smart enough to figure it out. For some personal reasons or what not, they get offended when you try to tell them what you think is wrong with your vehice.

I had a clunk in my Path when it was new. They ended up replacing the steering gear. On the way out of the dealership the car was still clunking. It turned out to be a body mount.

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