Official Part Number Thread

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Official Part Number Thread

Postby blink32 » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:06 pm

Maybe we should/could make this a sticky? At any rate, just want to post a collection of the part numbers and application for our Pathy's that I have gathered from others and from my own purchases. At this time I assume these to be 100% accurate as I have gotten them off the actual parts boxes/bags and not used any resellers websites but I'm sure a generic # or two will sneak in. They often change them and make them generic so you can't order from a local source. Unless otherwise listed all parts are specifically for a 2006 Pathfinder although I have no doubt that the parts will interchange with the 05-07. I will try to group them if applicable. If anyone has any others post or pm and I'll update this post for one ginormous list.

Upgrading to 7 pin towing capabilites with trailer brake
999T8-R517P 7-Pin Tow Harness
24167-A6000 Wiring Harness - Vehicle Brakes to Trailer Brakes
25230-79964 6 pole relay

Fluid & gasket stuff
15208-9E000 Nissan oil filter
A6120-14609 Engine oil drain plug washer
11026-01M02 Engine Oil drain plug washer (supercedes above?)
11026-01M02 Transmission drain plug washer (yes, same as oil pan)
11026-4N200 Transfer case plug gasket (yes, same as Diff's)
11026-4N200 Differential plug gasket
999MP-AF000P Genuine Nissan Long Life Antifreeze
999MP-MTJ00P Matic-J Automatic Transmission Fluid
999MP-AA100P Transfer Case Nissan Matic D ATF
999MP-DF200P Rear Differential api gl-5 synthetic 75w-90 gear oil
999MP-A7007 Nissan RTV Silicone

Exterior Items
999D5-XR00 Hood Protector (not full nissan #)
999J2-XR00003 Splash Guards, Front, Pair
999J2-XR00004 Splash Guards, Rear, Pair
93883-EA500 Right Quarter panel Air Deflector
93882-EA500 Left Quarter panel Air Deflector
999T4-BR200 Grille Guard
999T7-WQ820 Hitch Ball Mount, Class IV - Weight Distributing
51112-EA000 RH front tow hook
51113-EA000 LH front tow hook
Skid Plates Set
50842-ESPFR Engine cover skid plate
50884-TSP00 Transfer case cover skid plate
50890-EA500 Fuel tank skid plate
01121-06561 Skid plate bolts (need 13)

Engine related
16576-RND26 Nismo cold air intake
20692-65J00 Exhaust Gasket - catalytic converter to rear
14002-RND50 Headers

Misc stuff
999M1-VR056 In-Cabin Microfilter
999MP-AM006 Transmission Cooler Cleaner

31-Aug-07 **Edited Xfer case plug gasket. Previously was same as oil pan, is actually same as diffs**

10-Jan-08 **Edited categories and added rear air deflectors
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Postby V8Pathy » Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:59 pm

good idea. thanks for doing that

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Postby blink32 » Wed Aug 15, 2007 4:03 pm

NP. Figured a number of us have our own mini-lists. And after dropping nearly $250 today between maintenance items for the path and repair parts for the sentra figured I'd toss this out here.

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