Tell Nissan what you REALLY think here...

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Tell Nissan what you REALLY think here...

Postby 65Fastback » Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:51 pm

Worthiness for a "sticky"? I dunno but I thought IF Nissan was out there listening to the customer and is on this site, it would be a great subject for them to keep tabs on. Good or bad, they should know what we like and don't like since we are the customer.

I guess I can start. The family has owned:
'97 Altima - Dependable
'99 Maxima - Dependable and fast for it's time
'01 Xterra - Weak, bad gas mileage, low horsepower, liked the rugedness look for its time.
'05 Pathfinder SE - Great SUV when it first was launched
'06 Infiniti G35 Sedan - Traded the '05 in for this when gas was costly, but gas mileage was not good in this car. Is a nice vehicle though. Handled well.
'06 Pathfinder LE - Traded in the G35 when kid #1 was born. Over all a lot for the money and great for family use. Not crazy about the recall issues and my vin not being attached to them but the car having the problems anyways. Happy you still replaced it out of warrantly by workign with 1800Nissan1. Now it seams the radiators in these cars are scaring EVERYONE and I'm not comfortable with this. I feel as if you should replace these for people due to the high failure rating that effects the transmission over time and turns in to a costly repair.

I prefer the Nissan look and brand vs. Toyota and other foreign car manufacturers in its class. I really want you all to recognize the Pathfinder radiator complaints though and issue a replacement or at least acknowledge the faulty equipment. Otherwise, I feel like you have handled other issues and recalls well but this is my only gripe right now. As you can see, keeping me happy pays in dividends with more vehicles purchased from us.

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Postby JAHBLESSINGS » Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:11 am

i second this thread
my first was a 1989 240sx gold dependable
1991 sentra 4dr gxe black dependable . road trip king
1991 sentra se-r black dependable
1991 sentra se-r white dependable
1992 240sx se red dependable
1991 sentra se-r black dependable
1995 240sx se burgandy dependable
1997 sentra gxe burgandy dependable
1991 sentra se-r black (turbo) dependable
2006 pathfinder se blue questionable. thanks to the by pass.
out of all my nissans i've only had paint problems with my pathfinder. transmission/ radiator recalls and other crap. none of my other vehicles have ever had a much raddles and creeking noises like the pathfinder. this will be my last nissan i buy. nissan refuses to stand behind the paint issue with my roof so they won't get anymore money from me.

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Postby daytoncj » Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:04 am

Just bought my first Nissan.

2001 Pathfinder - SES light went on within the first 30 minutes. Love the vehicle, but I'm worried about the reliability issues.

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