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Postby blink32 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:15 am

Marginjoey wrote: you WILL need an impact gun for this whole thing, and would not DREAM of doing it by hand! Ever.
Can I ask why? And did you source your Pathy frame to Reese mounting bracket bolts from a 3rd party?

For everyone else:
The first caveat I have found with this install, Reese did not include the proper bolts to mount to the Pathy frame. Can't really blame them though as this kit is not for the Pathy. The Fronty install is at the rear of the vehicle where carriage bolts are used. The front mounts on the Pathy require 1.25mm pitch M12 bolts roughly 40-70mm long. According to the install booklet and my double checking there are only M14, M12 and M10 bolts included with 1.50 or 1.75 thread pitches. In looking at MGJ's images the last one shows two silver, 10.9 rated bolts mounting the receiver brackets to the frame. I have to assume the other bracket is held on with the stock bolts from the tow hook? At any rate the only 10.9 rated bolts in my packages were M10's. Too small to even think about engaging any threads so maybe he used a nut inside the frame?

I'm going to end up returning this setup because for the $110 + tax I end up with a so-so solution to me, have to buy bolts and for my purposes it would still require modifications to meet my needs. I want it more like the Curt one with the attachment hoops on the outer corners. Thankfully the only thing I have done is open the instructions and hardware bags so this will be an easy return.

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