Offroad scratch protection


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Offroad scratch protection

Postby Gray » Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:34 pm

On Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:03 am
Fofiddy neatly contrived this little piece of writing;

Fofiddy wrote:Hey Brick get a hobby, get a life, and when you come back, and actually know something about the topic you’re blindly yammering about. You have shown consistently that you cannot come up with any facts, simply conjecture and BS and hyperlinks to stuff someone else has done the leg work. In your pathetic attempts to paraphrase others info you get all their facts WRONG. Honestly I think posting to yourself is really cute too, although I speak for more than a few members here when I say: "Enough already". How many posts have you come up with and received 0 replies on? Oh I guess it was just way more technical stuff the guys here could handle, huh? When you’re not sucking moderator butt, and being the resident nonsensical post whore. You misrepresent the forum on other boards, spewing nonsense about like you’re an ambassador.
As for riding brakes and "driving like a girl" if you READ anything about the F-alpha based trucks you would actually know that the FMY Titans, Armadas and the Paths all had rotor warpage issues. In fact FMY Nissans have sort of been notorious for warping rotors since I can remember. Mine in particular were due to anomalies in the pad grooving my rotors (read manufacturers defect). FYI my rear pads are original have nearly 60k and still have 50% life. I suppose riding your brakes causes anomalies huh genius?
Perhaps one day we should get together for a little race, you pick a vehicle and genre 1wd 2wd 4wd; off road, ice-racing, Rally, Drag strip, or time trails? Since you’re such a sexist, I'll let my girlfriend humiliate you since she is more than capable.
Nice work Fofiddy, just new to flamming posters are you?

Better try next time, brah. :lol:

Well yes, you can send your gf though. :P

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Postby boogyman » Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:57 pm

The Hummer groups tends to wear the magnets. A few found out the hard way that you need to tape the front edge if you are going down the highway with them on. They serve the purpose though.

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Postby Full Exif » Fri Feb 08, 2008 1:15 am

Note that you must have a really clean car before using those protections.
If not, the car might get little scratches everywhere due to dust beetween the magnetic protection and the painting.
Have you tried/heard of plastic protection ?
I'll try to find a pic if you want.

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