The bmw X5

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The bmw X5

Postby me&pathy » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:07 pm

its not very fast but it handles like a full size sedan and has brakes big enough to stop the rotation of the earth... i really like that truck

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Postby Fofiddy » Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:40 pm

Dude :shock: never call that thing a truck again. You should hear the crap I get when I slip and call the Pathy a truck and it's built off a fully boxed 1/2ton truck frome and not a BMW 5 series. That thing is a no more de lastwagen then say an outback. My GF's sister has one drove us around in alot in SoCal. I have to agree it does ride nice and it is gutless. Glitchy too we had to reboot the thing when she took us to the airport started shuddering. For the money and ability of the X5 I'd go the FX and pocket the change.
I'm not a Unibody hater, infact I'm a closet Touareg V10TDI fan. Who can argue with locking central+rear diff, 11.8" of ground clearance, and 500ft/lbs o' torque. Too bad for the money you could get a pathfinder SEV8 and an SE Off-Road.

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