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Suggest and volunteering.

Postby Mr Mayor » Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:00 pm

As a fellow admin/owner, I'd like to offer any service I can. I enjoy doing graphics and smileys.. I've created well over 100 banners for other sites and my own, as well as buttons and other icons and graphics.

I was an active member of XOC (Xterra Owners Club where some of my HOW TO's are still going strong.) Lots of ICONS created there too.
I was the former admin of, an ATV site, and might even start my own in the near future.. I created buttons and siggies for lot's of people.... and still do.
And lastly, my own site, SlotCarAddicts, I created every button and graphic there, except the background...

I like making and tweaking smilies.. though I can only take full credit for one or two....
Anyway, thats my offer, free of charge as always... ART should always be free..


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