Headlight and daytime running lights problem!

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Headlight and daytime running lights problem!

Postby patty91 » Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:55 pm

I have a 91 2wd 3.0 and my driver side headlight highbeam wouldnt work when I bought it although the bulb, wiring, and fuses under the hood and inside were good. I even figure out how to take off my driver side front fender to get a better look at my wiring. Then xmas night my daytime running lights went out so I cant drive at night. The 10amp inside pops everytime I put any fuse in. I havent tried replacing the interior stick switch off the column I've heard the pins inside can get worn and cause trouble. My headlights still come on except the driver side high beam of course. Is this a short, a bad connection or ground?

Also my fues pops everytime I try to work the rear wiper, although it wont pop or will take longer to pop if I just use the rear sprayer. This truck is from TN and has very lil rust or corrosion and has never been messed with. Do you think that I need a new wiper motor?

Also my truck seems to have a valve tick, it idles and runs fine but cant place that noise, it has almost 195k now. I have changed, spark plugs, fuel filter, and oil. The plug wires look ok, havent checked the rotor or dist.

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