A/C randomly turns off

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A/C randomly turns off

Postby mbacher12 » Sat Oct 31, 2020 4:00 pm

Moved from Washington to Arizona, drove down in my 05 pathfinder and pulled a u-haul trailer. Before I left i had my A/C unit checked for leaks and charged, they recommended i replace the fan clutch so i did that. About an hour outside Phoenix my A/C stopped blowing air. The rear kept blowing which kept my dog cool but did little for me. Did some research and replaced the blower motor and resistor. Blower motor is OE but the resistor is not. Started blowing air again but would randomly turn off and on. The harness to the blower motor seemed loose so i replaced that. Still didnt fix the problem so I changed the relay thinking that would solve it, no dice. After driving around all day and playing with it I have realized that it blows A/C and heat no problem on any speed except the highest setting. When turned to the highest fan speed it kicks off in about 3 seconds. Anyone out there experienced any issues like that? Wondering if i could have picked up a bad resistor?

Thanks for the help!

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