Power window NOT opening consistently

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Power window NOT opening consistently

Postby BarakaPaz » Sun May 17, 2009 9:05 pm

Hey, I'm a neub but a friend has been raving about the benefits of a forum for his car, so here I am.

My 2007 pathfinder passenger side window started, a couple of months ago, not properly functioning. It was quite picky about when it would go down whether we were pressing the button from the passenger or driver's side.

Every so often it would go down, so long as the button was pressed. As soon as the button was released the window would begin rolling closed, on its own.

If I pressed the window down a coupe of times, often times it would eventually go down. Then if I pressed, from the driver's side, the window lock it would stay down, but as soon as the window lock was released it would go back up.

When I pressed the FOB for 3 seconds, it would roll down and stay down.

A couple of days ago... it all seemed to stop being a problem and working properly. That said, I am still concerned and feel I should be proactive if need be.

Any ideas?

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