dog fur removal methods..........

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dog fur removal methods..........

Postby eieio » Thu May 23, 2013 8:52 am

.............what works for you?
especially on the "fur magnet" seat backs of the early cloth seat model R51s?

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Postby Knightro » Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:48 am

Yea it's a magnet alright. I have a cargo liner for the bottom and put a moving blanket on top of that for cushion. The I put a fitted sheet over the back of the second row to protect seat back. Not the best look but I only use it when transporting the dog and take it off and shake it out when I'm done. As far as cleaning the carpet back when you do get hair I use a stiff bristle brush in conjunction with the shop vac to get the hair up. Like Mr. Miagi says, brush on vacuum off...

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Postby RCAR50 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:41 am

I know this is a couple months old but I worked at a detail shop for a little while and never did find a way to remove all of the dog hair that gets "velcro'd" the seat backs and carpet.
When we were doing used car trade ins or auction vehicles after a good stiff brush and strong shop vac as mentioned above, a quick layer of closely colored primer or flat paint did a great job of making it look great again. Don't flame me for this, it wasn't my shop and these cars were rough already and heading to used lots for 2 or 3 grand.

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Postby jman9895 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:08 am

use this ... rush_c.htm

Thing works great, helps pull out all sorts of stuff from the carpet, just on low speed.

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