Anybody with DIEWE or DOTZ wheels 17 inch?

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Anybody with DIEWE or DOTZ wheels 17 inch?

Postby labsy » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:43 pm


I am looking for somebody who would have DIEWE or DOTZ wheels (rims) on pathfinder to ask, if he can send me some photos of wheel inside markings. I need those for homologation purposes.

17x8J or 17x8.5J
Offset 30
6x 114,3 mm (6x 4.5 inch) bolt pattern

Wheels DOTZ Hammada or DIEWE Avventura

Looking for at least 3 photos:
- something like high-res photos (not web quality)
- 1 photo of wheel type
- 1 photo of wheel dimensions
- 1 photo of wheel offset

I pay with big thanx if anybody can help :)

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