Crankshaft Snout 1993 Pathfinder XE

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Crankshaft Snout 1993 Pathfinder XE

Postby wolfie59 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:07 am

So I was working on Hatchetface, my Lezbro's wife's vehicle. she threw the tensioner pulley and that killed the water pump and the power steering pump. After replacing all those and then replacing the timing belt I noticed the crankshaft internet sweepstakes software
snout woodruff key was sheared and there was a scallop shaped void on the left side of the keyway, as a result the key way won't hold the keys and the Harmonic Balancer is now wobbling and screeching under heavy load. I figure I could use quick steel to fill the void and repair the key way but any other suggestions I am open to

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