Battery corrosion


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Battery corrosion

Postby Gray » Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:17 am

I noticed a wet spot on the top of the PF battery the other day so got looking at that part of the system; I must of loosened one of the battery fill caps and a bit of acid got splashed around. Sorry no photos, but basicly I sprayed and wiped the whole area down with some sodium bicarb solution, it smelled like hell for awhile but that went away.

After first removing the negative post clamp and then the positive clamp I pulled the battery out and noticed that it is hard fit to the base so I cut out a piece of 3/8" closed cell foam material the size of the plastic tray to dampen battery vibration a bit, wiped down the battery and then reinstalled everything and siliconed a couple of large felt washers over both post bases in case one of the posts starts leaking in the future.

After reinstalling I sprayed everything down with more sodium bicarb solution in case I missed anything and in case the battery starts leaking again.

I guess I'm going to go shopping for a sealed AGM Battery.


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