Consult II


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Consult II

Postby northern_toolman » Fri Oct 06, 2006 7:13 am

In the service manual all of the diagnostics use the Consult II computer ... can you buy these the same as an OBD diagnostic tool ?


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Postby SHAWNATGERBROCK » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:51 am

The Consult will do alot of things a normal OBD2 Scanner will not , The Snap On Modus I have will do alot of things on the Nissans , but they read different than the Consult , so I have to convert alot of the info ..... A cheepo "Scan tool ' wont do most of the fuctions , and the way cheep code readers will only read codes ... No data stream ..... Basicly if you want a tool to read Data stream like the Consult , your gona pay ALOT !! The Modus was $7000 .... I have looked into the Consults and they are way expensive !!

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Postby boogyman » Fri Oct 06, 2006 10:13 am

here is a link ... 517&page=2
These guys have been using a laptop and a bought cable. If you have a dedicated pc in the garage, you could use that too. I just put a pc in my garage. Will probably go this way when I get time.

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