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Weekend discoveries

Postby azaizai » Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:15 pm

So its been a chilly weekend in the great state of Missouri.

Thought I'd splurge and see how the heated seats operated...much to my surprise the driver's seat bottom wont heat, but the back will. Thankfully, the passenger seat seems to work 100%. Thankfully because 1) that side has the airbag weight sensor and is mega-pricy and 2) because that's the wife seat...and I wont have to hear about it.

Then I took the truck to work, decided I'd check the alignment because I havent since I bought it and the steering wheel was off a little bit.

Good Lord was that thing out. Camber in the back was a degree or more negative and the toe was all out of whack. Decide to start adjusting...first up is the left rear adjustment...froze solid. Nut will come off and I can spin the bushing enough to make the adjustments...but the bushing sleeve and bolt are united against me. So, I have that to look forward to if I ever go for a lift.

Go to mess with the front camber/caster and those bolts have never been touched. So no eccentricity, no movement. Joy!

I should have saved this for a day when bad discoveries could be fixed...not a Saturday, and the end of the day.

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