Canada and Matic-S ATF

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Canada and Matic-S ATF

Postby Gray » Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:22 pm

Just a FYI for Canadian owners, the new Matic-S ATF oil in quarts is still not available here in AB dealerships at least, but a couple of dealerships have told me they have been using a 'Nissan Matic-J compatible' bulk 'synthetic' oil for doing transmission flushes. If you want the good stuff in bottles with the Nissan name on it though it'll have to come from the US for now.

As an aside note somewhere I've read that Matic-D as is still recommended for use in the 05+ PF transfer case was superseded by the more stable and longer lasting Matic-J years ago in transmissions. This leads me to wonder why an old oil standard is still recommended in transfer cases as the last used oil analysis I did on that component at 33,500 kms showed the oil to be almost out of grade and showing a lot of oxidization and wear metal levels, time to change that oil in this truck but I was wondering if a Matic-J or the new Matic-S might be a better choice for replacement. New oil analysis of both Matic-D and Matic-J show that they start with the same viscosity properties, Matic-S likely starts at the same visc as well.

Somehow when reading through the Nissan manual I get the idea that minimum oil spec recommendations are given and that these are not optimum nor even the best choices in some cases.


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