Factory axle grease

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Factory axle grease

Postby Gray » Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:01 pm

As the PF NLGI No.2 factory axle bearing grease is likely petroleum based with a low end working temperature of -20C to -30C and good enough for everywhere in the US other than Alaska I got looking at what axle grease might be a better choice for -40C to -50C northern temperatures.

There are a few lo-temp synthetic and Mil-Spec GAA greases around but the easiest one to find in this area is QS Synthetic EP grease with a broad working range from -54C to +177C and compatible with ABS and disc brakes. Nissan Canada sent back word verifying compatiblity and the dealership tells me it's about 8 hours to get it done.

http://www.pzlqs.com/Tech/Pdsheet/Quake ... Grease.PDF


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