What do you keep in your Pathfinder?


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What do you keep in your Pathfinder?

Postby amr40509 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:23 am

As I sit here in my office on the day before the Holiday, having let all of my staff leave a day early so I'm bored, I wonder what you keep in your trucks all of the time.

My list is:

Bag under the cargo net in the back --
trailer light tester
trailer draw bar w/ 2" ball
2 pad locks for hitch pin
assorted tools
utility knife
duct/electrical tapes
a few plastic grocery bags
a thin plastic tarp
some bungee cords
some wire ties
an old sheet and a couple of old hand towels
rubber gloves
super glue
silicone spray
tire gauge
12v air pump

Bottom glove box:
owners manual
insurance card

Top glove box:
anti acids/advil/claritin/driving gloves

Center consol:
adapter for when I take my Sirius radio on the boat
pocket knife
business cards
wife's spare car keys
spare boat key

Sun glasses holder:
2 pairs of the wife's sunglasses

Cup holder:
my sunglasses that the wife evicted from the sunglasses holder
Sirius radio remote

Little compartment next to the shifter:
ink pens
a few dollars in assorted cash

a couple of cd's stuck behind the garage door opener

Drive's map pocket:
bank deposit slips
sun block (hey why not)

Passenger map pocket:
what ever trash the wife has left in here since I cleaned it out 2 days ago
a lint roller

Yeah I know, useless post, but what do YOU have.

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Postby blink32 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:32 am

Damn thats a lot of stuff.

Owners manuals
Biz cards

Thats it.

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Postby amr40509 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:44 am

I guess that is a lot of stuff -- but all of the stuff in the bag fits in one small bag that I can take out of the car if I need the space. The bag about 12" across and short enough that it will fit (long side front->back) with the third row up.

Oh and I also forgot -- since it's winter I also have a huge Carhart coat that I never actually wear, but that is really warm, that I keep in the back too.

It is nice to know that if something comes up, I probably have what I need in the truck.

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Postby rlh2005 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:46 am

Cargo area:
Contico SUV Utility Box with:
-- two fire extinguishers
-- jumper cables
-- 12v air pump/worklight
-- 6v spotlight
-- tire plug kit
-- wire coat hanger (used once for person locking keys in car)
-- duck tape
-- misc screwdrivers
-- two Vice-Grip locking pliers
-- bungee cords
-- ratchet and cam lock cargo straps
-- pad lock
-- tennis ball
-- vinyl tarp
-- can or two of spray lubricants
-- ADC streets maps for Spotsy County, VA; Baltimore County, MD; and NoVA.
cheap ~50 piece toolset
painters drop cloth

Lower glove box:
owners manuals
state inspection receipt/form
insurance card
bank deposit envelopes
some gun/candy (wife)
napkins and/or Kleenex

Upper glove box:
folding maps
hand moisturizer/lotion (wife)

Driver's door:
3D mag light

Passenger's door:
bottle water (for headache pills, alka seltzer)
small notepad

tire gauge
2 pens in the clips on the console lid
Tom Clancy co-authored paperback novel
alka seltzer and wife's miagrane medicine

Shifter compartment:
gas receipts

Roof sunglass compartment:
1 pair sun glasses (spare)

Driver sun visor:
Sun/eye glasses clip holding my cellphone hands-free earpiece

Dash tray
my Oakley when not on my head

CD Compartment (under radio/AC)
3 CD cases
Sirius channel guide
cord to my cell charger

Map pocket on driver seat back:
US road atlas
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Postby amr40509 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:41 am

rlh2005 --

that's what I'm talking about.

You actually reminded me that I have jumper cables and an ice scraper in that compartment where the jack is -- I need to pull the ice scraper out and make it more accessible for the season.

I had a drop cloth too, but took it out when it started to look like rain at a recent college football game I went to, forgot to put it back in.

I also forgot the mini-mag light in the consol that I need to put batteries in (they were taken for a friend's digital camera and never replaced).

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Postby rlh2005 » Wed Nov 22, 2006 1:34 pm

Forgotten items:
army surplus etool
ice scrapers
dog hair

and lord knows what else

My wife often thinks I'm crazy for half the stuff but it pays to be prepared.

amr: you can fit jumpers in the cargo floor compartment?

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Postby amr40509 » Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:59 am

The dog hair is ALWAYS in my truck.

The jumpers do fit, but have to be in there just right. I had to try about 50 ways of coiling them until I found a way that would allow the alligator clip ends enough clearance to fit. These aren't the 'good' cables, these are the like $19.95 ones that are a bit lighter duty the thinner.

My 'good' ones are in my old Bronco -- they are home made jobs that are a good 25' long, super heavy wire.


Also noticed last night that I have a leather bound notebook, 1qt of Mobil 1 5W30, and our older digital camera in there.

The camera does come in handy -- we were leaving a local bar and some drunk had kicked in the door pretty badly (big dents and foot prints) on my buddy's '05 Camry. It was nice to have pictures of the scene for him to give his insurance. My ’06 Pathfinder was one space away and untouched, thankfully.

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