2008 se driveline vibration/windnoise?


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2008 se driveline vibration/windnoise?

Postby scotttruhart » Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:23 pm

hi all, bought a 08 pathfinder se 16k miles. bought private sale, only test drove in city conditions. on way home on hwy i notice a vibration at about 55-60mph and also at 80+ it seems to be ok at 70mph. i am thinking mostlikely a wheelbalnce issue? for somereason i am thinking its a driveline issue like ujoint or shaft balance ? also terrible wind noise that appears to be comming from roof rack? cross bars are installed. the car is still under bumper to bumper warranty so i am going to most likely take it to a dealer. any advice would be appreaciated thanks

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Postby ShipFixer » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:11 am

I just went through something like this with my used '05 SE. I had a bad low frequency vibration and rumbling that started at 60mph and got worse as speed increased.

Wheel balance didn't work. Found play in a front U joint and had Nissan replace it. Still had the rumbling, so I took it back. Tires were badly cupped and worn (OEM Long Trails with 37K on them by this point) so I tried new Michelins. Still rumbled.

Nissan finally put it up on the rack and ran it up to speed there and saw the front drive shaft vibrating. They replaced the bent shaft and now (between that and new tires) it drives much, much smoother. Even before the rumbling became terrible I thought the Pathfinder just had "truck noises"...now it drives and sounds like a big car.

Shaft had no impact marks so Nissan replaced it under warranty...no idea how it could have been bent either considering how high up between the frame rails it is.

If you search the forums you'll find several people have had drive shaft and U joint issues. May not be your problem but it's a place to start...

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Postby scotttruhart » Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:30 am

thanks for the reply, i just had tires balanced and the PF still has the same vibration, so i am going to the dealer for warranty work to be done, my guess is it is what you experienced, bent, or out of balance shaft or a bad u joint. hopefully nissan will not mess around and get it fixed for me

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