3rd gear won't work! Need you help!

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3rd gear won't work! Need you help!

Postby jokajem » Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:34 am

:D Hey guys, I am new here!

here is my story, I just bought a 1990 pathfinder lifted and ready for off roading, well it was working all good till i went off roading and all of a sudden on the way back I was driving in D with 2H (2 wheel drive) and in second gear after passing 3000 rpm, the rpm just goes up but no gain in speed like it is in N. I put in in 2 and it works fine, reverse works too. I looked down to the wheels and I noticed a really bad leak that leaks on the tires. Long story short I was driving in 2 and tried to go around 5k rpm and sound griding sound came off of the front wheels! my brake light came on and i am losing brake fluid now too. please if anybody had this problem let me know, I tried to add ATF but did not work :( :( HELP PLEASE!!!

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