Pohanka Nissan Service Department, Fredericksburg, VA

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Pohanka Nissan Service Department, Fredericksburg, VA

Postby rlh2005 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:25 am

A potentially bad situation that they made good on.

So, I drop my Pathfinder off at the dealer for its second oil change. I dropped it off at 9AM and they gave me a courtesy ride to work (1 mile away). The service writer called at 10:30 to say everything was fine and the Pathy is done.

I forgot about it until after 5PM and everyone else had left the office. Fortunately, they're open until 7PM. So, I finished up my work day and walked over to the dealer. I got there around 6PM and walked up to the payment counter. The cashier found my paperwork but couldn't find the keys. She asked if the keys have any distinguishing characteristics and searched thru the key cabinet again to no avail.

She gets the service writer and they both searched around for them. The service writer searched her desk and the cabinet again. They even had me come behind the counter to look thru the cabinet just in case they're missed the forest for the trees. Now, I'm a little concerned but they kept working on it. Fortunately, I carry two separate key rings. One has the keys to the Pathy, receiver hitch lock, and remote transmitter. The other has the house keys, shed keys, etc.

The service writer called the parts desk to have a new key cut. She searched the tech/mechanic's work boxes in the garage, their toolboxes, etc, even in the Pathy. The service department manager came over to introduce himself and said they'd make it right.

The dealer has an odd, old style layout with the service department toward the rear of the property. I actually walked past my Pathy to get to the service department. On a whim, I walked out to the Pathy to look inside figuring I might notice something out of place. What looked like a customer copy of a service order was laying face down on the drivers seat. I did not see any keys but they could easily have been under the paperwork. I mentioned this to the service writer and she thought of something. The only time paperwork is left is a vehicle is for pre-arranged, late pickups. They lock the keys in the car and the customer uses their spare set to get into the car.

They looked thru the work log and found a late pickup with a similar ticket number to mine. That late pickup's key was still in their key cabinet. They think the technician or runner accidentally mixed keys and paperwork. One they have the newly cut key, they opened up my Pathy and found my keys stapled to the late pickup's paperwork on my drivers seat.

Thankfully, all is good in the world again. In the end, they no charged me for this oil change and I got an extra spare key -- granted it still needs programmed in the anti-theft system. Plus, the service manager gave me a coupon two free oil changes. The only worse for the wear I am is the hour I spent in the service department while all this transpired.

So, in the end, I'm fat, dumb, and happy. I'll continue to use their service department.

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Postby RacerZX » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:09 am

Wow, excellent customer service, great to hear.

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