tranny slippy

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tranny slippy

Postby keyspath » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:59 am

Well not sure if I did right or wrong, (I am sure comments will fly to both) but it worked! :-)
My 92 Pathy sport w/ 164,000+ miles had tranny slip.

Trans was slipping (Very bad) mainly when temps drop below 40.

I drained the tranny fluidfrom the pan only1 , which was a syrup color!!! And replaced with fresh.
Runs the charm now. Step 2 will be to drain again, replace filter and gasket and fill again with fresh.

I felt the 2 step process would "ease" totally fresh fluid into the old girl with out the shock (and negative issues) a full fluid fill/flush on a tranny I do not think (as I bought it used) has EVER been serviced.

Don't know if this helps anyone else. But I am hours drive from a dealer, and don't "trust" the local tranny guy. I figured this low dollar "bandaid" my buy me a few more years with the current trans before needing to replace, was simple able to do myself and total 2 step process is around $60.00.
So far step 1 has improved transmission function 95%. After step 2 she should be good as new.

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Postby 95TerranoWA » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:13 pm

You got the automatic?

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