The Benefit of a GPS System :

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The Benefit of a GPS System :

Postby zoobidubi123 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:38 am

Global Positioning System is a navigational aid, funded and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense. Since GPS systems utilize 24 satellites that orbit the earth in a grid pattern, there are always six to eight satellites that are able to communicate with any given position on earth at any given time. What this does is give the average consumer the power to find any place on earth at any time day or night. Just think of the benefits this provides for a wide variety of the public.

Some of the benefits we might receive from GPS are:

1) Fuel economy: If you want to maximize your fuel economy you'll need a good GPS system. Saving money at the pump as well as wear and tear on your vehicle should be one of the main reasons why you would want a good GPS system in your vehicle. Accurate driving directions not only will save you time in your daily travels, but also will save you substantial gas money when travelling from place to place. This is especially important for delivery and courier services.

2) Travel directions:
Utilizing a GPS system will give you accurate directions for travel. Weather you are travelling locally, across country, or globally, you will get accurate direction and constant monitoring of your current position. I wouldn't think of taking another family vacation without a GPS system in my vehicle.

3) Recreation: Weather you are camping, or hiking, a hand held GPS unit will benefit you. I can't imagine going camping in the middle of the woods and not being able to find my way out. The news is filled with daily reports of people (or kids) that go hiking in the woods or the desert, and can't find their way back home or to their campsite. A GPS unit is the answer for these people.

4) Maritime: If you have ever watched one of the popular fishing shows on T.V., or are a fisherman or sailor yourself, then you know how a GPS unit will benefit you. Getting lost at sea or on a large lake would not be fun. The other side of the coin is the fisherman, say there is a great hotspot on any given lake in the world, that specific spot can be saved in your GPS system and found again at any time. This could be beneficial to the recreational or professional fisherman.

5) Tracking: If you run a courier business, rental business, or just plain delivery service, and need to keep track of several vehicles, then GPS is what you need. Keeping track of your vehicles will keep your overhead down. The other end of tracking is keeping track of a family member or child, a GPS tracking system will aid in your efforts.

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