Transmission shift problems

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Transmission shift problems

Postby 94pathdestroyer » Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:02 pm

Hello. I've a transmission shift problem with my 94 Pathfinder. I'll have the shifter in "D" and 1st and 3rd only work. From a stop (being in 1st), it'll get up to about 20mph until it shifts, and it only shifts into 3rd. 2nd and 4th do not work at all. I've driven it lightly, and hard to see if it'll at least grab one of them with no success. Putting the shifter into 2nd will be like putting it into neutral. Transmission fluid is new. No metal shavings on the dipstick nor the pan. I've searched the web about this problem with no accurate solution, and all the transmission shops around where I live are very shady. I love this vehicle and would appreciate any help greatly. Please help. Thanks.

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Postby velvetsanity » Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:16 am

I don't know a lot about the Nissan automatics, but I've seen a lot of automatic Pathys on craigslist with transmission problems. My experience working on an automatic trans is pretty much limited to Ford AOD-E/4R70Ws, but at a guess I'd say it's a shift solenoid (assuming it's electronically controlled). I could be wrong, though. Have you considered having the local Nissan dealership look at it?

I've seen a lot of shady shops in several parts of the country, which is why I do as much work on my own vehicles as I can.

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