push bar installation pics & instructions; 95 & 96

You gotta Love these old VG30E/i powered beasts, raw truck DNA to the core.

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push bar installation pics & instructions; 95 & 96

Postby haascncvf2 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:57 pm

long story short i bought a push bar off a 96 nissan pathfinder for my 95; thinking it cane be that hard to bolt even "IF" (which i now know IS) different body style....

so i looking for instructions with pics to see if there is any way i can make it work.

if not i will post it for sale here, for what i paid for it;
it has two (2) KC lights bolted that DO work, even though one lens is cracked; for $60.

please reply to this thread by emailing me please as i am unfortunately not on here much. [email protected]

thanx in advance. i will post pic tomorrow...

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