Problem with Running Lights!

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Problem with Running Lights!

Postby Xunal » Tue May 18, 2010 5:44 am

I have a '95 Pathfinder, and love it....but it keeps giving me problems. I suppose it's expected for a 15 year old truck...anyway.

Right now my running lights don't want to work. In particular my back lights (not the brake lights, those work fine), and the corner lights by the headlights. My dashboard and console lights are also completely out, and the clock and stereo stay at the brightness they are supposed to be at when the lights are not on.

My turn signals and hazards still work.

OCCASIONALLY all the running lights will turn on...and then they will go off.

There are some other light-related issues....when I bought it, only one of the bright lights worked, and one of the fog lights. I replaced all the bulbs, same issue. A few days later both of the ones that were working stopped. (The regular dim lights both work fine). I don't know if they are related issues or not.

Please let me know what to check. I did check all the fuses, and flipped the running lights on and off a ton of times to see if the switch maybe just wasn't working very well. Also jiggled all the wires I could fine to see if it was a loose connection.

Although it'd be nice to have working bright lights (and fog lights!), my concern at the moment is getting my running lights working so I can at least drive in the dark legally.
Any help is appreciated--

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