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Newby questions

Postby tdk883 » Wed May 19, 2010 6:15 am

Hello everyone, I’m now a member of the Pathfinder family – just purchased a ’06 S 4WD model this past weekend. Being a used vehicle I’m going through trying to figure everything out and looking for the small things that are broke that usually come with a used vehicle. That being said I have a couple of questions regarding things I’ve found:

1. The window lock button of the driver’s side door – is this supposed to illuminate at night when the other switches/buttons are backlit? Mine doesn’t.

2. The brushed aluminum plastic covers on the console and over the switches on the doors – is this a cover that can be replaced or is this part of the door panel/console assembly. Mine has several scratches on it and wondering if they are replaceable without having to replace the whole door panel/console. Doing some searches through the forums indicated the switch covers may be purchased separately, but wanted to get a definitive answer.

3. Lastly, the little plastic piece that covers the shift lock button – mine is missing. I called a couple of Nissan dealerships and was told that little piece cost $55! Does anyone know an alternative source for obtaining one of these?

Thanks in advance to the Pathfinder community for any guidance/help you can provide. I feel these forums will be an invaluable resource to me in the future. TK

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Postby KEVSTER » Wed May 19, 2010 9:48 am your best source to save a few bucks, good people to buy from. They are in Texas.

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