-1 for Salazar Kia Subaru in Avondale Arizona

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-1 for Salazar Kia Subaru in Avondale Arizona

Postby madrock » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:46 pm

The sales people at Salazar were pleasant, however, the finance department is an absolute joke. I had a short sale last summer, and it dinged my credit over 120 points dropping me from the mid 700s to the bottom 600s so I knew I would have a difficult time getting a decent interest rate. I got pre-approved through my credit union, so that was one less hassle for me.

The finance guy offered me a deal that if I would purchase the GAP insurance from them (which I was going to do even though I had equity in the Jeep I was trading in), he would get me an interest rate 3% lower than what I had been pre-qualified for through my credit union. I took him on his offer.

Three weeks later, the lien holder of my Jeep called saying I was 3 weeks late on my payment. The dealership had not paid off my trade-in, so I was on the hook. I called the finance guy who said the finance company for the Pathy needed additional paperwork, and I would need to talk to them directly. I asked why he didn't tell me sooner, he said he figured I would have called him if I was concerned. He said they would not pay off the trade-in until the Pathy was funded :evil:

I called the finance company, and they said they needed a copy of my driver license. The copy of the driver license the dealership sent them was way too dark, and they would need me to fax them a better copy. I sent it that same day, and they confirmed to me that same day that the Pathy was funded. Four days later, they still had not cut a check for the Jeep. He told me I had not contacted the finance company like I was supposed. I called him out on his BS, and he finally cut the check!

Lesson learned: If you trade-in a vehicle, NEVER sign the contract until you have a signed letter from the dealership promising to pay off your trade-in by the date you specify (before the payoff amount goes up).

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