Knock Sensor & Oxygen Sensor

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Knock Sensor & Oxygen Sensor

Postby HitMan » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:42 pm

So mine is a 96 and I just recently had the check engine light come on after pulling a trailer 1000 miles, which of course set off the knock sensor and then tripped the O2 sensors as well. This happened to me before when pulling a trailer so I thought nothing of it. I just re-set it like usual and went on.

But, then after just driving to and from work the light kept coming back on for the same Knock sensor and O2 sensor. So I figured it was time to replace the knock sensor. I had it replaced but now the light came back on for just the O2 sensor. It's for the sensor that's after the cat. Do you think this could be going off still because of the old messed up knock sensor? I tried removing the O2 sensors but was only able to remove one. The other was pretty much stuck on. I sprayed it with pb blaster to try and get it off but no budge. The one I was able to get off looked fine. I wiped it off and plugged it back in. I reset the light and hopefully it won't come on anymore but anyone have any ideas about what to do so I don't have to buy O2 sensors as well?

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