Proper Air suspension - NOT air bags / helpers


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Proper Air suspension - NOT air bags / helpers

Postby dieselfan » Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:21 pm

Hi there

I'm considering replacing the entire coil / shock setup with something like whats available on the LR Disco 3's.

I've come across this site ... er-Shocks/

The idea being that for normal use I'm at stock heights so shouldn't have any camber / alignment issues. Then when offroad and low range is required I lift the car really high...within CV limits etc. Then lower the car for the ride home. This will also sort out the rear sagging issues.

What caught my eye is the LevelPro by Air Ride Tech. With LOW / MED / HIGH settings irrespective of loading.

Although I've already designed my own "PC" for the job I just need to find the ride bags to fit the Pathy.

According to FireStone US they have a kit that replaces the front and rear coils for the Pathy but it's being "tested". Last I heard from them was around Dec 09.

Comments plz!?

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