88 Pathy swap: from vg30i too??

You gotta Love these old VG30E/i powered beasts, raw truck DNA to the core.

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88 Pathy swap: from vg30i too??

Postby DarkSupra2.5 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:51 pm

Heh, took me a while to get back, but it finally happened, but trusty vg30i overheated and died a horrible steamy death. So, that being said, no choice but to hobble it home to replace the engine. (I'm still suprised the started and limped home).

So, now I'm running a vg30de from an Infinity j30. Before anyone kills me for it, I had to think about it really. I needed more power, but I had to smog it later since I'm in california, so I needed a nissan motor with some power that I could still register.

But, now I'm curious, from what I've read and looked at on diagrams and such, there shouldn't be a difference between the tachometer on the path and the j30, and yet, i have no tach. Anyone think they could give me some helpful insight to this little problem? Or am I just out of luck? Well, thanks everyone, I'll get some pictures of the motor in the truck so it doesn't seem like I'm just blowin' smoke here.


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