2008 TPMS question


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2008 TPMS question

Postby fenn » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:34 pm

My 08 has the screen on it and has TPMS. Backup camera but no nav

First off is there any way to tell which tire is which on the screen? My screen just shows 4 pressures in a row going down

When I do a Tire Rotation does the TMPS have any idea which tire is where?

I'm about to get new tires. Do I need to get anything? The place thats going to install the tires says they won't turn the car on when the tire is off the car but thay can't guarentee that the sensor won't go off and they can't reset it.

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Postby mar1 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:39 pm

sensors are coded per wheel, not per location.
if u rotate the wheels, the order will change on your screen.

for example, if u damage a rear-left sensor, u cannot replace it with any other one, except a new rear-left sensor.

best way to know which sensor is which, deflate and reinflate one at a time.
i deflate and inflate my tyres minimum once a week for offroading, and i love the TPMS!

EDIT - the sensor is proximity read, so when the tyre is off the car, the screen will show stars **** until the tyre is close enough to be read. it takes between 5-7 seconds for the screen to update

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