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New to the Path

Postby BsPath » Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:54 pm

So after owning in 3+1 different Maximas 92,98,00 all over 245k + 04(moms). I have decided to go with a Pathfinder for my next purchase. Currently looking for this Gen LE or a SE with leather. the few questions i have is:

1. Is there much difference in the ride from the SE to the LE?

2. If i got one with Navi would i be able to add aftermarket subs to the Stock system. or should i just look for one with out Navi? ( I have a double din unit in my max and was thinking about swaping it out and putting it in the path.)

3. I wanted to add a remote start/alarm to the Path, do i need an extra key with a chip so the system can start the car?

4. Also i wanted to put HID in the headlights and fogs, was wondering what is Y'all opinon on the smoked halo projector lights on ebay?

thats all my questions for now i plan on getting my path b4 the end of the year when i find the right one... i'm super picky and since i work for a dealership i'm going to get them to find me exactly what i want. ethier Grey or Dark blue are the top two choices.. thanks for your help in advance

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Postby Rogue9 » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:38 pm

Having just bought a 2010 Pathfinder SE I went through everything you are asking.

1) ok no experience in this but as far as I know the ride is the same.

2) I went with Digial Bose system, NO navi because I wanted to add my own. After research, there is NO way to add a deck to the 2010 models because of the change in dash arrangement. (as of yet)
If you want navigation, buy aftermarket dash unit or spend the extra bucks for the stock navigation.
Yes you can custom something but unless you're proficient and DIY, it will cost $$$. (see thread with carputer)

SUBS- the stock bose with 8" sub was good, but not good enough. I like my car to rumble. I had 2 Alpine type R's and an Alpine PDX 1000 amp wired to the rear. My guy took signal from the bose sub amp at the rear, drivers side of the vehicle.
This arrangement is working out damn good IMO.
I came from an Alpine D310 deck with phoenix gold 4ch amp, hertz front components and alpine rears, and subs on my old car. I felt the sound quality was really good.
This is right up there with what I had. The bass level for my deck is set to 0 and it pounds.

3) I also had a compustar pro installed. there IS a bypass kit that allows it. No you do not need an extra key. my Intelligent key still works except I now arm/disarm, lock/unlock, autostart with my compstar remote. Since I've had a compustar for the better part of the last decade this is no big deal to me.

4) Seeing as I'm in Canada and the market is a little more limited locally, I've contact AnzoUSA who makes the headlights for info on getting a set up here. I've read some people who bought headlights off ebay got ripped off or substituted so buyer beware.
I'm not a huge fan on the halo's and LED's. I want the headlights purely for the projectors so I can throw in HID's and be a little more public friendly.
If you want HID's be aware of the DRL system. From what I can tell it uses the highbeam on lower voltage.
I've been advised to get a Bi-halogen HID kit. (HID low beam, halogen high).
I'm waiting to see about the projectors before I do this because the projector set seems to split the high/low 9007 into 2 separate bulbs.

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Postby BsPath » Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:14 pm

thanks for the reply.. i was actually thinking of the viper remote start with the app for the phone... i wish i could get the newer one because i like what they did with the console after the midcycle up date. but i'm trying to stay with in reason around 15k since eventually i plan on buying an 09 maxima sv once the price gets closer to 15 and i pay off the path.

as far as the halos i'm more interested in the projector part. i wish i could get the european headlight set with the single projector. but im sure that will be a PIA to get.

i was thinking about getting the SE off road with the hill decent but not sure its worth trying to find it since i wont be doing any off roading just mainly highway and city driving but the snow is crazy here in md and i thought that hill decent might be good for me since i live on a steep hill to get to my neihbor hood.

another thing i am kinda worried about is the fact that im used to my max and my foot is heavy i know i will have to adjust my driving because their are lot of sharp curves around here..

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