Sigh...Steven's Creek Nissan, how I love to hate you...

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Sigh...Steven's Creek Nissan, how I love to hate you...

Postby RacerZX » Mon Jun 19, 2006 3:35 pm

I won't go through the endless back and forth, the offers and counter offcers, the lies, the walking out, the tears and late night phone screaming phone, wait, that last bit was my last GF :roll: . Anyway, after about a week of negotiation I talked them down to invoice on my new 2006 Pathfinder SE.

One trick that worked well, and also severed me well 3.5 years ago when I picked up my Murano, was to initially negotiate with a trade-in in mind. They would come down fast to near invoice on the new car, but low ball me by several K on the value of the used car. Once I had them as low as possible on the new car, I would start to negotiate the used car up, and when they refused to budge I would say 'okay, I'll sell it my self then'. 2003 SE AWD Murano for sale...anybody? :)

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