Auto Dimming Mirror Install: Anyone done this?


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Auto Dimming Mirror Install: Anyone done this?

Postby OurPathfinder » Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:21 pm

So, we purchased a slightly used 2007 SE--saved us $13,000 over buying new. It's a stripped down SE model with few options. I wanted the dual zone climate control, and auto dimming mirror--but saving $13,000 was more financially pleasing. Are all SE models pre-wired for the auto dimming mirror, and other electric goodies? Or would adding a auto dimming mirror aftermarket be a novice mechanics nightmare---removing head liner, running wiring, etc? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Postby Captain » Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:50 am

I would think that if you got the LE mirrors it would be a direct bolt on since you said that the PF has all the wirring added from the factory.
If you can check when you have the mirrors off to see if there is wirring for heated side mirrors I have a 08 see with some options added from OEM but not heated mirrors.

If I think right the LE mirrors are heated and self diming

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Postby geoffstgermaine » Sun Mar 30, 2008 7:56 am

I think that you guys are talking about two different things. The LE has heated/power side-view (outside) mirrors and the autodimming rear-view mirror with the compass and homelink. I think that OP is talking about adding the auto-dimming rear-view mirror. I have seen aftermarket auto-dimming mirrors so installing them shouldn't be too big of a deal, but I'm not sure if installing the a factory auto-dimming mirror would be easy or not. Maybe someone else has more information.

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Postby OurPathfinder » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:44 am

That is correct. I am talking about adding an aftermarket/Nissan OEM auto dimming rearview mirror to my SE. Any help and information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Postby Gray » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:54 am

Both Donnelly and Gentex supply rearview mirrors to Nissan, to get an idea of what's available. There is one ebay seller, WembleySells who supplies Gentex mirrors. Ambient temperature sensors are available from dealerships for about $15 if you want the outside temp function. Courtesy supplies a couple of mirrors which will work on PF's; autodimming mirror kit 1 and autodimming mirror kit 2 which come complete with harnesses.


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Postby OurPathfinder » Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:35 am

GB, thank you for the suppliers resources. I appreciate it. I'm still curious if Nissan had pre-wired my SE for a mirror, or if I have to pull out the headliner and/or windshield trim? Thank you again for your time everyone!

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Postby pyrophilus » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:11 pm

I am not sure if your SE has maplights on the front center?

I have a '05 LE, which has the sunglasses holder/maplights/sunroof control.

I did install a Gentex dimming/compass/temperature mirro in my old '01 LE and it was really easy.

I popped out the maplight assembly, and then used a un-wound metal wire hanger (end wrapped in electrical tape) to poke from the gaping hole in the roof liner towards the top edge where it meets the windshield. Poke hard enough and sure enough, it will pop out next to the windshield. I then taped the mirror harness wiares to this, and the pulled the hanger back out to run the wires through the headliner out of the maplight "hole".

I bought an 18v DC lamp from radioshack, and soldered (or twist) a long wire to one end. I attached it to somethign ground in the car, and then wrapped the other end to a needle, and used it to poke around the harness behind the maplights. If you find a "live" wire, the lamp should light up. I found one that switched on/off with ignition, I peeled away the insulation, and then wrapped the power wire from the mirror wiring harness to this and then duct taped it.

The ground wire was wrapped around a screw that went into a body (subsequently, I did another one in a '92 maxima, and I couldn't find a screw behind the maplights, so I used a self-tapping sheet metal screw and drove it in to a metal bracket behind the maplights).

If you get the one that only dims and has compass, your wiring is done.

For the temp probe:

Take the same wire hanger, take off the electrical tape, and then using a file, file the tip of the wire to a blunt, round tip.
Look at the hood release handle. Follow the cable until it dissappears into the firewall. Spray ALOT of silicone lubricant into it, and then gently push the wirehanger wire through. If you are lucky, it will go through and you will see it either somewhere in the engine bay or inside the driver's side fender. If the wire is long enough, and you push long enough, it will eventually poke out near your driver's headlamps.

Take the temperature probe wire (it's really long), cut it about two feet from the end that attaches to the mirror harness, and then using electrical tape the cut end of the part that goes to the temp probe to the end of the now poking out hanger wire TIGHTLY. Slowly pull the wire hanger back from the inside of the car and you will have ran your temperature probe wire from the engine bay to the driver's side firewall. Un-due the tape.

Remove the plastic A-piller cover.
Run the same wire hanger down the now exposed "hole" on the driver's side dash until it peeks out around the hood release handle.
Tape the wire (that you just ran from the engine bay) and then pull up on the wire hanger until it goes up through the side of the driver's dash and it now runs out of the hold at the bottom of the A-piller. Undue the tape.

From the "Hole" where you popped out the maplights, push the wire hanger (tip wrapped in electrical tape to prevent scratching) above the headliner towards the top of the driver's side A-piller until the hanger wire pokes out. Tape the wire and then pull it.

Now, you should have a length of wire that runs from a temp probe harness in the engine bay, through the firewall, up the left side of driver's dash, up the A-piller, through the headliner, and out of the maplight hold.

re-attach the cut end of the temp line and then plug the hardness into the mirror harness.

Go position the temp probe somewhere you get and accurate reading.

You are done.

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Postby hollywoodstylin » Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:19 am

Here is a link to a Gentex auto-dimming mirror install with Homelink, compass, and temperature. It's a bit more mirror that you state that you wanted, but should pretty much be the same nonetheless.

Click on the Frontier > modifications > Auto-Dimming Mirror w/ Homelink


Note: This install is on a Frontier, but should closely resembly the pathfinder. Use at your own risk!

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